AGATA v4 indicator

AGATA v4 indicator
AGATA v4 indicator AGATA v4 indicator AGATA v4 indicator AGATA v4 indicator AGATA v4 indicator AGATA v4 indicator AGATA v4 indicator AGATA v4 indicator AGATA v4 indicator

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1 indicator ex4 / 1 template / 1 user manual RU / 1 user manual translated from RU to ENg. pdf

all pairs / best TF : M15 M30 H1 H4

sometimes the blue bars and white squares disappear when there is a breakout

A. the peace: my new TC agate
System Agatha in the release and ready to press a couple of indicators on your terminal, and your Deposit at the start to stable growth.
System Agathe is a strategy, indicator, system, call it what you want, in which intertwined levels, price action, round numbers and theory of Gann/Murray. Plus, these elements of any market trend or overheating. A sort of explosive mixture, which is placed on the shelves, Packed, polished and is already at your feet.
In General, from this video you will learn all the details.

By the way, that's not all, when Agatha will acquire traders, it will make the forum to be able to share thoughts and ideas and experience to trade on it, besides a couple of my friends already testing my ideas for updates, Agatha, only while in manual mode. Also pondered how to make a version not only for MT4 and for MT5, and can I make a good counselor for her.

Advantages of the system
The system has a diverse set of instruments to accurately predict the schedule in any cases coordinated into a single trading network
Honed to peak efficiency, the algorithm does not fail and does not force you to doubt the correctness of the signals
Every day the market is different and it is impossible to achieve a result, trading template for a particular pattern. Therefore, the system is not based on templates, and the proceeds from the market
Stable growth of Deposit over a long period of time without obvious subsidence – this is the system
Collecting grains of the most important elements that move the price of a single signal, it is possible to achieve a reliable forecast
For not weeks, not months, and all time trading system. For a short period of time, any strategy can give profit, but the profit should be measured in years, not week

This system not just an indicator or strategy is the trading processor with great features and unmistakable prediction 

Chart of income

22,230% - Deposit growth
2840 signals in the year
1650 points per month

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