Green Scalper v1.0 EA

Green Scalper v1.0 EA
Green Scalper v1.0 EA Green Scalper v1.0 EA Green Scalper v1.0 EA Green Scalper v1.0 EA Green Scalper v1.0 EA Green Scalper v1.0 EA Green Scalper v1.0 EA Green Scalper v1.0 EA Green Scalper v1.0 EA Green Scalper v1.0 EA

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We love to improve your experience. We like making smart and simple tools. Therefore, we are creating new opportunities and introducing new technologies.

We proudly present some of our own innovation EliteIT, which have become mandatory for experienced traders. Let's start with the new GreenScalper, who is all powerful and exceptionally unique combination of the best selected algorithms. 

GreenScalper he combines various strategies for flats and trends with the most accurate signals. It's a real catch! New adaptive automated trading option will allow you to stay safe even in scalping AUTO.


GreenScalper passed intensive testing, and we also gave him copies of some of our old friends among the traders for testing before its official release. So, let's see now ...


# Tested test results of Charles, his 2 days of trading with 0.1 lot. 150 points! 


The initial Deposit was increased by 42% in a few days. More importantly, check LOT! It's not a fake and largeness, as some may show a bad in marketing, but real easy lot, which is a bit risky, but still suitable for this Deposit. We believe that he has once again proved its accurate work, and can't wait to tell you more about it GreenScalper. In addition, the option LOT2X helps to restore and get more for a few transactions.

#Checked the results of the tests Andy, its a few days trading with 0.02 lots. 120 pips.


The initial Deposit was increased by 20% in a few days. More importantly, check LOT! It is a micro lot trade. We just want to show that the system is suitable for all types of deposits. Slow and steady is the key to success. Don't risk too much - always choose a safe style of trading!

Algorithm FX GreenScalper. 3 reasons why you like it

1. GreenScalper is a multi exclusive. All the pairs M1-M5-M15

Our new product has a unique strategy of blending technologies - flat and trend signals which is regulated depending on time of sessions, market fluctuations, etc. You don't need to do anything - our product defines the current state of the market by number of indicators.
Thus, the signals become less vulnerable to weak market fluctuations, and, as practice shows, and numerous emulations, WL increases by 10-30% during the period of market uncertainty. This is a major breakthrough, and we are very excited to share it with you!

2. Elite personal approach: an honest statement. ACCURACY in real-time

We love to improve your experience. We like making smart and simple tools. Therefore, we are creating new opportunities and introducing new technical terms to call them. GreenScalper allows you to check the latest loss loss in the 10-30 signals.
GreenScalper is a first hand indicator option automatic trading, so we suggest you to check his signals. They are not repainted and you can view them in history. In addition, you can switch between the 2 styles - type A and type B.


3. The default version is already perfect. I can't tell? Get the setting. 

After installation GreenScalper he instantly uses the default settings. And default values do not mean higher quality. Honestly, we have improved and optimized for each tick. So in our case the default settings are almost perfect. But since in the world there is no perfection, you can still configure the system so that it was perfect for you.

GreenScalper has been tested in different ways, and we are pleased to publish here another review from our fellow traders. Nadir got his copy recently, so we'll see.
Green FX Scalper is open for your comfortable trading. We have revised it to perfection. It has customizable settings for manual trading special auto trading. So, Yes, being a indicator you can use its signals and automated trading. It can do this. You have flexible control panel, TRADE on your schedule: it opens up more options.
Control options: Trailing SL, BreakEven and Market filters. Manual or Auto settings.

  • 1/2 LOT: once you enable this option, at the level of 1/2 TP half of order lots will be closed, the other half will continue to work.
  • BTD: detector bad trades works as the safe option. Once you activate it, it will track the deals for the pair / TF. As soon as you will get a 2 loss from the same pair / TF - this option will cease to trade.
  • LOT2X: the disposable option, payment of the lot. If you enable this option - then after a losing trade the next order receives double the lot size. This version works once then needs to be activated again.
  • COS: to close on the option opposite signal. If you turn it on, then the current order will be closed as soon as a new signal.
  • Buttons BUY / SELL: you can use it for manual trading. Then, each order receives the parameters as you have on the panel.
  • AUTO: you can set the transaction 1-2-3-5-F the fully automatic mode. F is for fully automatic with the use of each signal.
  • STEALTH: this mode allows you to keep the TP / SL are invisible to broker. Once you disable this option, every order is again visible SL / TP and Vice versa.
  • A-REC: auto style for the following 3 deals with the accepted levels of TP / SL depending on market conditions

GreenScalper provides you with useful information and helps avoid "bad" transactions. Candle and Distribution. Market information and trends. Time start / end the default for 24-hour trading, but you can change it at their discretion.

So you can trust the signals. And here's the latest screenshots to prove it.

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